Zeme Fest 2023

May 12th to 14th 2023

Zeme Festvial ( Djs for WWF) are fundraising for World Wildlife Fund because we want to protect the future of nature. Brought to you by True Deep Movement (TDM Collective). I have asked twitch communities to join me to help raise money to give back to the awesome planet we live on.

I’m Very Excited to have many talented djs and live performances to help raise money for the WWF (WORLD WILDLIFE FUND), with twitch committees that have very talented people to combine into a larger network to help the world become a better place. In May of 2019 WE raised 2,100 with in 3 days. That was beat! 2020 made $3461.00 us dollars Woah! We did it this year 2021 we made 4,712.00 us dollars. We had such an amazing performance line up it was one to remember such talent such passion and the support from all the donations to just coming by to have fun! The Bar has been Raised for 2022 and we raised 6,146.00 US. 2023 during hard times we were able to still raise 4,657 US we had a blast this year the Zeme Fame just keeps growing.. job well done

2023 DJ Line up:

Come Join our Discord meet some of the people involved in Zemefest! https://discord.gg/7Dfu3D4

NEW MERCH! Help Fund Zemefest all sales go to WWF! zemefest-merch (Seasonal)

Deforestation, climate change, water scarcity, and illegal wildlife trade. These are some of the threats facing our planet today—and no one person or group can tackle them alone. But if we work together, we can take on anything.

We can protect the very things that keep us alive: our forests, our oceans, our fresh water, our wildlife, our energy supply, our food supply. 

Thank you for giving what you can. 



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Zeme Fest 2024

2 thoughts on “Zeme Fest 2023

  1. Every year gets better, I really enjoyed myself this year! My only suggestion is to make sure everyone has the goal bar showing and the donate link automatically showing up in chat


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