Zeme Fest 2019


ZEME means Goddess of Earth / Mother Earth

ZEME Twitch Festival. Brought to you by True Deep Movement (TDM Collective). I have asked 3 twitch communities to join me to help raise money to give back to the awesome planet we live on.

I’m Very Excited to have many talented djs and live performances to help raise money for the WWF (WORLD WILDLIFE FUND), with 3 awesome twitch committees that have very talented people to combine into a larger network to help the world become a better place.

Zemefest 2019 Performance lineup

Tmocs   scottdanesi digibilly djtaceht escape_velocity_official theguildnavigator greilark djcoherence DeejSweeby fromtheannex Dquil_live moosemusicc 1337fuzz theamplex jamestc dan_kushner misternorthside paulvelocity


2019 results: We Passed the $500 goal in one day, with in 3 days we had 2,045 US Dollars.


4 thoughts on “Zeme Fest 2019

  1. Zemefest 2019 was a total success. The support goals got repeatedly bumped up due to the extreme generosity of the Twitch music community. The music was completely on point with 24/7 music and DJ sets from tons of different acts. Taceht did a fantastic job organizing and executing the whole thing as well. A great time was had by all and a ton of money was raised. Can’t wait for 2020!

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    1. That is so wonderful, im so excited to have such great freed back, I do hope we can bring even more generosity for 2020 and for everyone to have a wonderful time good music, friends and something to put back into this world!


  2. Zemefest 2019 was awesome! Great line-up, great cause, well-organised, great entertainment, and an opportunity too to discover maybe some fine DJ and musician streaming channels you didn’t know before. The standard was very high, and there were many very memorable sets, and friendly folks in the chat rooms.

    As a viewer I enjoyed myself greatly and was well entertained all through the festival! And it was great to see the fund-raising targets being repeatedly met and smashed with everyone’s generosity! Well done to Tac’ehT and everyone involved for making this happen. Great stuff and looking forward to great things again in 2020!

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    1. I am so pleased to hear this. the ultimate goal for Zemefest is to show people how wonderful life is so much that they want to keep it around. Not only the generosity from everyone like yourself, but the fact that life can be fun and beautiful also. thank you so much for the lovely feed back


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